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CN-105251988-A: Method for preparing cerium-containing rare earth permanent magnetic material by adding metal powder into waste magnetic steel patent, CN-105258813-A: 简易体温计 patent, CN-105353256-A: Electric transmission and transformation device state abnormity detection method patent, CN-105372486-A: Intelligent transformer station energy efficiency detection method based on WSN patent, CN-105399640-A: 具有水溶性和抗癌活性的芦荟大黄素双季铵盐及其制备 patent, CN-105411088-A: High-heeled shoes patent, CN-105422683-A: Spirally-meshed one-way clutch patent, CN-105424540-A: 一种燃煤烟气中硫酸氢铵挥发特性的测试装置 patent, CN-105444594-A: 板片式换热器 patent, CN-105485766-A: Air-conditioning system patent, CN-105507194-A: 一种室外用风光互补驱动雨水喷洒蒸发冷却系统及其方法 patent, CN-105536144-A: 一种具有游戏和按摩的人机交互功能的装置 patent, CN-105539487-A: 基于侧架定位的脱轨检测装置及其检测方法 patent, CN-105559332-A: Intelligent toothbrush patent, CN-105590563-A: Electronic control device capable of avoiding overtemperature damage patent, CN-105664539-A: 乳化机的自动喷淋消泡装置和方法 patent, CN-105684084-A: 具有功率管理的移动数据存储设备 patent, CN-105684585-A: 花生播种机 patent, CN-105689537-A: 可调式钣金z字折弯模具 patent, CN-105723043-A: 车门控制装置 patent, CN-105735623-A: 智能循迹抹灰装置及其抹灰方法 patent, CN-105804290-A: 一种建筑保温与模板一体化墙体结构及其施工方法 patent, CN-105846388-A: Waterproof cable connector and assembling method thereof patent, CN-105854522-A: 4-((2-羟乙基)(烷基)氨基)-2-丁醇在吸收酸性气体方面的应用 patent, CN-105862713-A: Soft soil foundation integrated well point plastic discharging vacuum system patent, CN-106065517-A: Denaturation processing equipment and application method thereof patent, CN-106086969-A: 一种强结合性镀锌光亮剂的制备方法 patent, CN-106102654-A: 解剖独立偏转器 patent, CN-106192027-A: Device for preparing composite nano-fibers by airflow multi-bubble spinning patent, CN-106463555-A: 具有通过金属化结构耦接的多个子电池的太阳能电池 patent, CN-106494990-A: Lifting device for engine assembly patent, CN-106699571-A: 一种2,5‑二氯苯胺制备方法 patent, GB-2197107-A: Communicating with a data-storing device patent, GB-2213228-A: Laying duct, pipe or cable patent, GB-2243328-A: Gas-impermeable laminate material patent, GB-2306810-A: Controlling the brightness of a glow discharge patent, GB-2325007-A: Press head and dross pot for dross processing system patent, GB-2345531-A: Heat exchanger patent, GB-2485410-A: Cover patent, GB-2510876-A: A dispenser patent, JP-2004510341-A: 特にマイクロリソグラフィ用の照明光学系 patent, JP-2007308284-A: Sheet feeding device and image forming device patent, JP-2008129032-A: 練習手順生成装置および練習手順生成処理プログラム patent, JP-2008240236-A: 塗工紙の製造方法 patent, CN-102001013-A: Gear spindle structure for horizontal type machining center patent, CN-102207233-A: 一种lng加液机的管路保护装置 patent, CN-102211852-A: 一种伺服驱动平行开关 patent, CN-102273740-A: 一种雨衣 patent, CN-102303338-A: 一种杨木集装箱底板的制作工艺 patent, CN-102330319-A: Washing machine patent, CN-102346355-A: Infrared dome camera patent, CN-102352362-A: Optimized danio rerio vitellogenin gene, and expression carrier and application thereof patent, CN-102358076-A: 凹版印刷设备及其制作方法 patent, CN-102428988-A: Production method of reducing generation of acrylamide in bread patent, CN-102513687-A: Welding wire machine and anti-oxidation structure thereof patent, CN-102705230-A: Gear pump patent, CN-102706932-A: Circuit and method for adapting forward/reverse current of electrochemical gas sensor patent, CN-102745325-A: Active gurney flap patent, CN-102865473-A: Anti-dazzling LED (light-emitting diode) fluorescent lamp patent, CN-102919867-A: Production process for roasting chicken steak patent, CN-102926145-A: Cutting and embroidery combined technology patent, CN-102961511-A: 一种治疗甲沟炎的药物及其制备方法 patent, CN-103051972-A: 一种通过智能电视提示手机来电的控制方法及系统 patent, CN-103145266-A: 一种活性炭催化臭氧处理焦化废水的方法 patent, CN-103196066-A: Narrow-beam LED lamp optical system and designing method thereof patent, CN-103256556-A: Sunlight and manual light combined utilization type photosynthetic light turning glass plane light source patent, CN-103341674-A: 一种陶瓷基复合材料与金属材料的石墨烯辅助钎焊方法 patent, CN-103385184-A: Method for breeding Eriocheir sinensis in indoor water tank patent, CN-103410792-A: Fan patent, CN-103447558-A: Floating boring tool for machining of blind-hole thin-walled deep-hole parts patent, CN-103466778-A: 充分利用碳酸盐岩酸中和潜力处理酸性矿山废水的方法 patent, CN-103485220-A: 一种高强度牵引结构用钢索的制造方法 patent, CN-103557381-A: Strengthened steel pipe with rib spirally wound as well as special equipment and method for manufacturing preparing strengthened steel pipe patent, CN-103639472-A: Numerical control drilling machine patent, CN-103749597-A: Special salad sauce for baked bread and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103766666-A: 一种芙蓉鸟饲料的制作方法 patent, CN-103802451-A: 一种凹版印刷机调节滚筒角度的调节机构 patent, CN-103900877-A: Preparation device for three-axis compression test original-state sample and preparation method of preparation device patent, CN-104018286-A: 一种流畅花色变化针织面料及其制备方法 patent, CN-104096462-A: 一种黄磷尾气净化新技术 patent, CN-104141604-A: 空压机专用变频器及空压机变频驱动控制系统 patent, CN-104170163-A: Antenna patent, CN-104174495-A: 一种新型高效除尘器 patent, CN-104260182-A: Processing technology for soaking and pressing fiber plate patent, CN-104393845-A: Variable gain amplifier in current mode patent, CN-104400108-A: 2150超宽铝板带箔中分切机组 patent, CN-104400914-A: 一种在小直径深孔中实现侧向钻盲孔的方法及装置 patent, CN-104430311-A: 一种活性杀菌药物及其制备方法和专用设备 patent, CN-104490442-A: Abdominal cavity precise operation ligation device for endoscope patent, CN-104566637-A: 多联机系统及其室内机和室外机的控制方法 patent, CN-104694498-A: Calcarisporiella thermophila生产耐热超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)的方法 patent, CN-104697833-A: 一种焦炭热态强度检验的标准试样及其制备方法 patent, CN-104704357-A: Biomolecular detection test strip design patent, CN-104769308-A: Brake pad and caliper device patent, CN-104832371-A: Control method and system for wind generating set patent, CN-104847842-A: 一种减震效果好的等速万向节驱动轴总成 patent, CN-104885738-A: 一年生农业经济作物的分层施肥栽培法 patent, CN-104931813-A: Method and system for detecting states of machine room server LED lamps patent, CN-105058533-A: Full-automatic wood fiber machining machine patent, CN-105059849-A: Multipath rectangular-ambulatory-plane automation container terminal 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